Welcome, and thanks for coming by. I am Tobias Mayer, educator, counsellor, christian. KJV 365 is my personal project for 2021, an intent to write a few words each day, inspired by a passage from the King James version of the Bible, working through from Genesis to Revelation over the course of one year.

This is not hermeneutics, exegesis or analysis. I have neither the learning nor the inclination for such work. This is me reading the Bible as a book of teaching stories, and seeing what lessons emerge for me in my life, particularly, and inevitably in the peculiar context of the year 2021.

My purpose in undertaking this project is two-fold, i) to use the opportunity to study and think more deeply about scripture, and ii) to overcome my perfectionism and consequent procrastination: having to write something every day I’ll quickly need to accept that I’ll write poorly, vaguely, and incompletely. What I offer here is imperfection.

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